We all take our data for granted.  Almost 70% of small and medium sized companies in the UK admitted to not having any backups or only ran backups ‘sometimes’.  More worryingly almost 48% of those that did do backups said that they often lost, or deleted backups as they took up too much space.

Regardless of whether you are backing up your main email and web servers for which your company relies on for day to day operation, your laptops and desktop PC’s so that you and your staff can work, or your family photos – all data has its value.

Our unique back up solution takes a full back up of all of your servers, PCs, Laptops, Desktops and mobile devices, and then cleverly only backs up the files that change.  What’s even cleverer is that in the event that we have to restore something from a backup, your file and folder structure remains the same – everything is back in the same place as it was before!

All of our backups are stored in a state of the art, secure ‘cloud server’ environment, and what’s more you can access your files from anywhere with an internet connection, via our secure online web portal or via our mobile app.  Ideal from when you are away from the office and need that important document.

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